Shannon Elizabeth Naked

Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight on ABC, and for the first time in a long time you’ll see poker player Shannon Elizabeth naked, as in, she’ll be without a sponsor logo somewhere on her body.

Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth at The Grand premiereNot sure if you’ve noticed, but Shannon (seen at right, not naked, at The Grand‘s recent premiere) tears through the poker sponsors like no one else on the circuit (to date, Poker Stars, Bodog, Full Tilt, Mansion, and now Doyle’s Roomphoto evidence).

And while part of this is surely because she’s a hot property, the other part is she’s kind of known within the industry as a pain in the ass for sponsors. Bailing on interviews and tournament appearances is all standard fare.

But we’re ok with this, so long as she goes deep in Dancing with the Stars.

Obviously, DwtS is a career godsend for her. We expect her to do well. She’s going to look fantastic in whatever she wears (for a reminder of how good she can look when in shape, go back to these pics from the 2005 WSOP). And she definitely knows how to flaunt her sexual appeal on national TV when needed.

So make a 2007 Heads-Up National Poker Championship type run Shannon. The poker world could use some positive press (Can we get a Doyle Brunson appearance in the front row?). And when you return to the circuit, instead of wearing a Poker Blue or Noble Poker or Poker Syndicate or logo this time, maybe you can bring a couple of bigger brand advertisers with ya instead.

Photos showing Shannon Elizabeth pimping various poker sites after the jump . . .

Shannon_elizabeth_naked_doyles_ro_2 Shannon_elizabeth_naked_poker_stars Shannon_elizabeth_naked_bodog  Shannon_elizabeth_mansion Shannon_elizabeth_full_tilt_3 Shannon_elizabeth_naked_not

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