Shannon Elizabeth on Dancing with the Stars Will Do Wonders for Our SEO

Shannon Elizabeth Dancing with the StarsAs we reported earlier this week, Shannon Elizabeth will be on this season’s Dancing with the Stars, which, if she makes a deep run, will do wonders for her career, make her extremely relevant again, and probably keep her from lesser fair, like the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, which she was a semi-finalist in last year.

The ancillary benefits to Shannon Elizabeth on Dancing With The Stars are that Shannon Elizabeth (Dancing with the Stars, 2008) will get in super-hot shape again, as well as do wonders for our SEO.

Let’s say that being on Dancing with the Stars turn Shannon Elizabeth’s body into something like Stacey Keibler hot (it definitely has the potential). Shit, even if it does to her body what it did to Marie Osmond, who suddenly turned MILFY, these are all great things. No complaints here.

And lucky for us all, it appears as if the beautification is already happening.

Dance on, Shannon.

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