Shannon Elizabeth Playing Poker Isn’t Quite Like Shannon Elizabeth Dancing with the Stars

When Shannon Elizabeth of Dancing with the Stars fame was on Dancing with the Stars, we were killing it because people google’d the heck out of Shannon Elizabeth Dancing with the Stars and Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth. And either way you put it, we owned it, so Shannon Elizabeth on Dancing with the Stars was great for our traffic.

Shannon Elizabeth playing poker, however, not so much.

Not that we’re not one of the top sites if you google “Shannon Elizabeth playing poker.” Just seems no one is doing it.

Lacey Jones playing poker. Tons of hits.

Diane Nguyen playing poker. Ditto.

Layla Kayleigh nude playing poker. People want to see.

But Shannon Elizabeth playing poker. Again, just not something people are searching.

Not sure why, because if you click on our photos below of Shannon Elizabeth playing poker in the Stud/8 event at the 2008 WSOP (where she made it onto Day 2 with a healthy stack), you have to admit she looks pretty damn good. Maybe not Layla Kayleigh nude playing poker good, but still good enough.

Shannon Elizabeth Poker Photos Gallery


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