Shannon Elizabeth Survives 1st Cut on Dancing With the Stars

Shannon Elizabeth is still Dancing with the StarsIn news likely to piss off anyone who’s tired of us talking about Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars, Dancing with the Stars’ Shannon Elizabeth and her ridiculously perfect legs have made it past the first cut and will continue on to the next round of the hit show, which has become a ratings monster for ABC (17 million viewers last week) despite its improbable premise as a show about ballroom dancing and starring celebrities you either don’t know or forgot about a decade ago.

Gone from DwtS tonight is former tennis-er Monica Seles and Penn Jillette, the poker-ing magician whose sidekick Teller wagered $5,000 on to win despite 30-1 odds.

In related news, hey Stuff, FHM, Maxim et al…get off the shnide and get a new photo spread going with Shannon Elizabeth. It’s been 9 frickin’ years since the poker playing, American Pie top dropper got naked for Playboy and about 3 or 4 since a decent men’s mag shoot. We thought that was the whole purpose of Shannon doing the show. It was for Stacey Kiebler and that other chick whose name escapes us right now but there are videos of her all over YouTube playing strip poker.

While we wait, below and after the jump are some old photos of Shannon Elizabeth that may or may not be new to you, including one quasi-NSFW pic we’re not sure what to make of and shots of Shannon doing her best Danish chick in men’s underwear impression as a Pussycat Doll.




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