Shannon Shorr Can Fly

You may recall seeing 22-year-old poker pro Shannon Shorr, a guy, playing last year’s WSOP in a back brace and being pushed around in a wheel chair after he fractured two vertebrae and broke his heel. At the time he didn’t say much about what actually happened, just that he was “horsing around” with his roommates when “a major accident happened at the house” (Shannon’s blog post about it here).

Well, the accident, if jumping off a 15 foot ledge onto a deflated air mattress counts as an accident, was captured on film in all its jackass glory by his roommate Jerry “JLimbs” Limber, and it just got posted on YouTube today. Check it out below:

In related Shannon news, in case we haven’t mentioned it yet, Shannon Elizabeth is on Dancing with the Stars.

After the jump, the video of Tiffany Michelle interviewing Shannon Shorr at the WSOP two days after breaking his back . . .


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