Shannon Shorr Thinks He Should Be in NBC Heads Up, Shaniac Thinks He’s “Delusional”

More in line with what we think a "Shannon Shorr" should look like…

Our favorite guy-with-a-hot-porn-star's name Shannon Shorr is "shocked" that he failed to make the 64-person NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship field again.

In his latest blog, Shorr says:

"I will go on record (as I did after the 2006 calendar year) as saying I'm shocked that I don't make the list. After very closely examining the list, Michael Binger, Nam Le, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Michael Martin, Vivek Rajkumar, Amit Makhija, Adam Geyer and Hevad Khan are probably somewhere wondering WTF! as well. No one in the poker tournament industry besides Nam Le, JC Tran, and David Pham has matched my consistency over the last 3 years on the tournament circuit and in that time I have NEVER been selected to play the NBCHUPC."

While Shorr definitely has been one of the most consistent players around, he has gotten virtually no TV time, so he really has no argument here. Shane "Shaniac" Schleger seems to agree, although in more blunt terms than us. Shaniac calls out Shorr's "distinctly delusional blog post" and writes:

"Shannon, get a grip. You should be ashamed for putting yourself in the same sentence as Le, Tran, and Pham, who essentially dwarf the entire poker tour community with consistency and moneymaking."

Read in full here.

UPDATE: Shannon Shorr still not in. Ivan Demidov had to drop out and is replaced by Hevad Khan.

UPDATE II: Got a TOKE coming later today with a bunch of hot models and at Caesar's…developing.


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