Shawn Sheikhan Is Still Around

It’s been almost three months since Shawn Sheikhan was arrested and faced deportation to Iran due to a new Homeland Security law that looks to oust convicted foreign national sex criminals.

Since then, the Sheik has done something he’s not accustomed to do…go silent. On the advice of his lawyers, Sheikhan is not discussing the case with anyone.

And now it appears that Sheikhan will not be able to talk about the case for awhile, as proceedings are stalled. Launch Poker has learned:

In 1995 Sheikhan was arrested and charged with misdemeanor sexual battery charges, but thanks to the Contra Costa County practice of not keeping misdemeanor files for more than ten years, a U.S. Immigration Court Judge could not tell if he was actually convicted of the crime. As such the deportation proceedings have been halted.

Read the full article here.

While Sheikhan could lose everything if deported, at least he doesn’t have to worry about losing a lot on the golf course, mostly because he doesn’t wager much. High Stakes Golf wrapped last week, with Sheikhan losing "peanuts," as he was never willing pony up the same amounts as Erick Lindgren, Gavin Smith (who had a bad last hole), and Daniel Negreanu. The big winner for the event was Negreanu, banking over $74,000. Watch the final webisode below.


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