Shut Up and Shut Out

Mike "the Mouth" Matusow, the lone true "pro" remaining at the WSOP, is the first to bust out of the final table.

And that is a shame. 

As easy as it is to hate Matusow from you see on TV, he’s very funny live, and in this year’s Main Event, was very focused and probably the best player.  During his "exit interview" with the media, he told us that "[we] will be amazed to see how well" he played over the past six days.  How it was "perfect poker" (watching it, it was). How many pots he won with nothing.  And in particular, how he increased his stack by 3 million yesterday with basically nothing.  His last statement was very prescient, as you’ll find out in our next post.  And that is: without him around, the rest of the table will play "very tight."

Matusow was ultimately done in when his pocket tens didn’t hold up against against an A-J that caught a wheel.  Matusow walked off sad, but maintained his composure.  But as true poker fans, we’re sad to see the one player that could mix it up get busted so early.  Instead, the Mouth was shut up and shut out of the Main Event in 9th place, taking with him $1M.


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