Sister Barbara, No, No, Wait…Sister Silver Among WSOP Chip Leaders

SisterhazelA woman dressed up as a nun sitting next to Brett "Gank" Jungblut has her table on tilt, winning pot after pot, and saying "blessing after blessing" as she rakes in chips.

Upon asking her her name she told us, "Sister Barbara." Then, as we walked away, she said, "No no wait! It’s Sister Silver!"

Shortly thereafter, a new player joined the table, sat down, looked at her, and said, "Shit. I’m an atheist."

This is easily the most entertaining table at the 2006 WSOP so far.

Sister Silver appears to be among the chip leaders right now. With our very imprecise chip counting abilities, we’d say she’s close to 30k at the time of publishing.

And on a final note, while we are not accusing nor suggesting or implying anything, Gank does appear to be stoned off his ass, or at least he did when the day started. So the LAST thing he probably wanted to see was a woman dressed up as a nun winning pot after pot. "Duuuuuuuude. So trippy. A nun. Duuuuude."



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