Site Back Up, But Not All of the Content

Media Temple‘s servers crashed this weekend. They’re back up, but almost all of our content from last week is not.

Working on it…

UPDATE: Content is back up, but all of the comments are lost. Seeing if there’s a way to retrieve.


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  1. Febuch

    April 25, 2011 9:29 am, Reply

    Thank god you’re back! I didn’t know what to do all Easter without this invaluable resource! Where else could I go on the internet to find pics of hot chicks and wombats? Where else could I get poker information? It’s not like there’s 24/7 poker radio on the internet or something.

  2. Nik Faldo

    April 26, 2011 2:37 am, Reply

    At the risk of upsetting Febuch, who obviously thinks re-hash is news;
    How about some interviews with PS, UB or FT people or pros as to HOW this happened? These sites have been operating for years and had no issues. What happened really?

    How did they screw up, let their guard down and were just plain incompetent or WHO was the rat that told the DOJ where to look? I have my theories (Steve Wynn for instance with a gambling license to lose perhaps?).

    REAL journalists would get to the root of the story. Somebody knows. No one is doing any digging. Lots of useless tongue flapping and hand-wringing. Some people or someone one was a sell out or a moron.

    In addition, US poker players should pay very close attention to which poker sites doe their ALL to either re-open to US playes somehow or get the cashouts out ASAP. Then, when and if the tyrants are removed, and citizens are free to play poker, US players will know where to do business.

    I don’t buy that the US Justice Department all of a sudden got competent. Afterall, they can’t even find an illegal alien, communist Muslim sabotaging the country from the White House. How smart can they be?

    What really caused this?

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