Slow News Poker News

:: YouTube poker jokester “Tuff Fish” is petitioning for a state-run online poker site in California. [The Argus]

:: Awesome! Council Bluffs has a WSOP Circuit event now. Who’s in? [CNNMoney]

Tila_tequila_nguyenstuff:: MySpace hussie Tila Tequila, who we hear is about three foot four tall, which is kind of hot if you think about it, has launched her own online poker site powered by Playtech. [] []

:: Not-looking-so-great-lately Shannon Elizabeth reportedly got snappy down under at the Victorian Poker Championship. – []

:: A bunch of rock bands on the Warped Tour you probably don’t know ’cause you have Nickelback playing on your MySpace page, thus you suck, will face off at the poker table courtesy of Bodog. []

:: Voting is underway for Bluff Magazine’s Second Annual Reader’s Choice Poker Awards and we hear we were nominated for something. Best looking? Sexiest? Most massive manhoods? Has to be one of those. [BLUFF]

:: Yes, that’s right, we said Phil Hellmuth will NOT be on Surreal Life 7. []


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