Smells Like Poker Player Spirit

PaskinshirtlessSomeone finally had the nerve to tell Crazy Brit Barry Paskin that he smells like a port-a-pot in a junk yard that hasn’t been cleaned out in about, say, 6 years. Well, they didn’t actually say that but whatever they said they got Barry pretty peeved. Supposedly the players at his table asked the dealer to have Barry change his shirt, which Barry retorted, “You guys are being rude and discriminatory. Show me where there’s a rule that you can’t smell at the table.” As he took off his shirt, walked around and then put it back on, this time backwards, Barry explained that he’s sorry it smells but it’s his lucky shirt. Meanwhile the dealer called “Floor” for some help, then tournament director Johnny Grooms was brought in to resolve the matter. When Grooms suggested that Barry change out his shirt for an orange World Series of Poker T-shirt, Barry replied, “I’m not gonna advertise for anybody!” Ironically, moments later Paskin was seen sporting a Team Gutshot shirt he got from one of their reps.

Paskin_faceWord is from the Gutshot people that after he was taken away from the table to chat with Grooms, Barry declared, ‘My wife loves it when I smells like this!’.

Fortunately for “The Grinder” Mizrachi and Layne Flack, the featured table is about 100 yards from where’s Barry’s seated, although Flack would probably have preferred to endure the stink of Barry than the stink The Grinder laid on him in a $260,000 pot. In the hand, Flack raised preflop to $4,000 with the Grinder calling. Then on a flop of 10-J-10, the Grinder leads out for $10,000 and Flack raises it to $20,000. Eventually the two are all in with the Grinder showing pocket kings and Flack with A-J. The turn card is a 9, the river a Q and Grinder hits a King high straight and a $260,000 scoop.


Update from the tables: Chops just walked by Raymer’s table, with last year’s champ taking the time to tell him, “I’m at 170.” That doesn’t stink.

Elsewhere, Ivey is looking low at around 30k while an Al Krux-look alike is now at Clonie’s table sitting pretty with a rather healthy chip count.

One more update: Crazy Brit Barry Paskin is out.


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