Snake’s On a Plane…To Vegas, The Addict Too

Wcptankcloseup_1We don’t usually like to give the heads up of where we’ll be at any given time, especially in light of recent rumors that a rogue group of British slap ninjas were gonna put a hit on us. Whether that means buy us a few rounds of Cosmopolitans or slap our wrists silly were not so sure, but we’re taking precautions either way. Think Jamie Gold at the WSOP except instead of renting a bunch of tall, obnoxious dudes in suits with “Security” stitched on their lapels, we’re getting last month’s Bodog Girl Nicole (photos after the jump) to mind our matters, because she looks like she can kick some ass and she has a spectacular ass and most importantly we’re thinking she’ll keep the slap happy types away, unless they want to talk hair, because hers is lovely.

But yeh, Snake and the Addict will be in Vegas this week and for some time thereafter. Chops of course lives in Vegas so he’ll be there too. So all three of us will be there, if you do the math.

Again, last month’s Bodog Girl Nicole after the jump as well as over at, where you can also see the newest Bodog Girl Ksenia, whose name is either pronounced “Kenia” or “Senia,” we’re guessing.



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  1. snake

    December 5, 2006 8:16 pm, Reply

    if either “tactical assault” or “bloggers at the MGM” is code for midget ninja lovin then i’m game

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