So Amateur: Introducing Steve Dannenmann, aka, The Weaz

Theweaz_2Those who watched ESPN’s WSOP coverage on Tuesday surely noticed a weasely looking fellow named Steve Dannenmann.  Which one was he?  Dannenenenmannenenman (the eventual WSOP ME runner-up) was the redheaded stepchild giving Lederer the stink eye.  You know, the guy who instantly stood up after bluffing Lederer (one of the all-time class acts) out of a hand, slithered away from the table, called his buddy, and said it looked like, "somebody shot his dog…6-8…I pop him for 30! (weasely laughter)." 

And for his blatant weaselness and misplaced bravado, we will now refer to Steve Dannenmann from here on out as‚Ķ(drumroll‚Ķcymbal): The Weaz.  As you can tell by the above side-by-side graphic representation, the similarities go far beyond The Weaz simply having weasely personality traits.

Before getting too carried away, we will say this: ‚ÄúWicked Chops Poker admires The Weaz’s killer instinct.‚Äù  Later in the broadcast, when Lederer raised with pocket Aces, the Weaz called him from the BB with K-5h.  After a flop of 2-5-2 (one heart), the Weaz (giving his stink eye stare) instantly went all-in, thinking he just pulled another one over on the Professor.  Of course, Lederer immediately called.  Was the Weaz a bit over-aggressive?  Sure.  But The Weaz was going for the jugular, and we admire that.  Of Rogerrabbitweasel2ndshotcourse, in typical Weaz fashion, he gives Lederer a few "Nice hand, Howard"‚Äôs.  And of course, he forgot to call his buddy this time to explain how Lederer just doubled through him. 

Unfortunately for the Weaz (pictured right in his starring role in ‚ÄúWho Framed Roger Rabbit‚Äù), he now has to bear the burden of our one major gripe with amateur players in these events‚Ķand that gripe is:  ACT LIKE YOU’VE FREAKING BEEN THERE BEFORE. 

Poker players are turning into bigger prima donnas than NFL wide receivers after a TD snag

True pros like Lederer, Ivey, and Brunson don’t go around acting like they’ve never won a hand before after taking down a big pot on a bluff.  They know it‚Äôs part of the game, scoop their chips, and start thinking about the next hand.  What they don‚Äôt do is sit out the next hand to brag about it to a friend.  Just take out a damn Sharpie next time, sign your hole cards, and toss them to some spectators.

Maybe the Weaz will have future success in major events and can show us all that he‚Äôs not the Weaz after all.  It can happen.  We were a little unsure what Arnold Spee would be like after watching his WPT performance.  But in person, Spee was one of the friendliest, most forthright pros we met at the WSOP.  So opinions can change, because often with TV, it‚Äôs all about the editing. 

But until that happens, Steve Dannenmann will be known as nothing other than the Weaz to us. 


8 Responses

  1. osmo345

    November 2, 2005 1:09 pm, Reply

    After watching the WSOP on ESPN, poker has gone to hell. You see that guy from Staten Island screaming after every hand, Danneman calling his buddies after every big pot, its ridiculous. People should get more class.

  2. Anonymous

    November 21, 2005 10:56 am, Reply

    yeah well I didn’t see you fork up 10,000 dollars to play. Furthurmore I didn’t see you finish 2nd in the WSOP. So shut your mouth!

  3. Anonymous

    November 21, 2005 10:57 am, Reply

    yeah well I didn’t see you fork up 10,000 dollars to play. Furthurmore I didn’t see you finish 2nd in the WSOP. So shut your mouth!

  4. Joey

    January 17, 2006 12:04 am, Reply

    lol, you guys are good at twisting reality. You point out Steve’s one amateur moment, and neglect to talk about how nice a guy he was to everyone. You clearly didn’t watch the Main Event or you’ve got something against Dannanmen to writing blatently biased stuff like that.

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