So Darn Cute

Shanaontoday1If you missed Stuff spread starlet Shana Hiatt on the “Today Show” this morning, which we did because we’re not stay-at-home moms, old fogies or unemployed do-nothings, you can view the entire interview on the NBC site here. The “Poker After Dark” host is such a cutie in the interview, like watching a video of a precious little kitty cat all nestled up next to a sweet puppy dog, if that was also somehow sexy, which it is, but just not as sexy as watching Shana.


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  1. insomniac

    February 22, 2007 3:32 am, Reply

    Shana Hiatt and Natalie Williams together- my brain didn’t need any help with that visual, but I still greatly appreciate it.
    Seeing Shana here and in Stuff reminds me that NBC needs to fire whoever does her makeup on Poker After Dark. They turn into a common whore, which is a shame, because I find her to be quite uncommon.

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