So Entities, Who Was On The Other Line?

Natalie Gulbis contacted someone in the poker industry to hook her up with some donors. We finally are getting around to revealing who that was…

Ok, here's the official reveal on who Annie Duke was yelling at on the Celebrity Apprentice two weeks ago.

In case you missed it during our live blogging of the 2009 WSOP Media conference call, we officially eliminated two people:

10:53am PST: So for those playing the "Guess Who Annie Duke Was Yelling At…" game, it was not Brian Balsbaugh (go three tweets down) or Jeffrey Pollack (confirmed via our question on the call).

That only left Steve Lipscomb, Jamie Horowitz, and Ty Stewart.

Go to the comments section here and look for The Entities post to reveal the winner. Said winner, congratulations, you get a WCP t-shirt.


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