So That’s What Barry Paskin Has Been Up To . . .


Old poker players never die, they just smell like Barry Paskin (above). And play poker in Atlantic Shitty.

A poker player from Brooklyn named Michael Wax was kicked out of the Borgata Sportsbook Poker Room in Atlantic Shitty the other day after his table mates complained about his body odor. Apparently, the 54-year-old limo company owner had been playing a long session and smelled like a cross between Barry Paskin five days into the 2005 WSOP and complete ass.

According to an AP report, Wax wants an apology from the Borgata.

Relatedly, because the AP found it necessary to report it, Wax weighs a massive 440 pounds, or in poker terms, about 5 Liz Lieus.

Or 1.1 David Benyamines.

Speaking of huge, a link to Hitomi Tanaka weighing her massive mammarian protuberances here.


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