Soccer Star Christian Vieri To Take Up Poker?

Soccer players pull crazy mad ass. If you're a soccer player in Europe, you could look like Joan Rivers and still bang 10's. Take Christian Vieri. No Patrik Antonius in the looks department, Vieri is married to Italian model/actress Elisabetta Canalis (above). View more pics here.

Little known fact: one-third of the Entities had a soccer scholarship in college and all three Entities played on a rec soccer team in our 30's (named Bling Bling United, no less). So we kind of now a thing or two about soccer.

For example, no matter what you look like, if you're a soccer star in Europe, you're dating models. It's like a law over there.

Christian Vieri is a (currently teamless) Italian striker who is (currently homely and) married to a model and is planning on taking up poker when he retires from non-U.S.American-football:

"I enjoy cards a lot, but my future is still in football. I will stop when I'm fed up chasing after a ball and I am not bored yet. When I'm retired, who knows, I could become a professional poker player."

In related news, Poker Stars probably just jizzed in their pants and are probably already drafting a contract for him.

Read the full Vieri article here. Get more soccer news here.



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