Some Day 1c Updates

With a few hours left in Day 1c play, here’s the latest non-Hellmuth-car-crash-related news:

2:: Both Chris Moneymaker and Robert Varkonyi are still alive and kicking. While we predicted a John Daly-esque performance from Moneymaker this year, Varkonyi we didn’t expect much from, which is probably most people’s expectation of Varkonyi throughout his life.

:: WCP fave Darrell "Deep" Dicken has been among the chip leaders all day, and is currently stacked around 70k.

:: Gavin Griffen is currently among the chip leaders around 130k. Arthur Azen leads everyone at 165k. Lorenzo Lamas is stacked at 112k. Lee Watkinson is around 110k.

:: Other name pros like the spectacularly breasted J.C. Tran (at right), Allen Cunningham, Fabrice Soulier, Ultimate Blackjack champ Ken Einiger (Time!), Chris "Jesus" Ferguson have all built solid stacks.


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