Some Links to Visit After Work

:: If we were an online poker site, we’d put logos all over Elena Santarelli, buy her into the Main Event at the WSOP and tell her to just sit there and look pretty.

:: Speaking of, when we got our crap together this week we were going to do a post on how the WSOP’s new multiple logos policy is going to turn the Main Event into a NASCAR-like ad bonanza, but those guys over at Up For Poker beat us to it. Of course, we would have posted pics of Danica Patrick (yes, we know she’s not a NASCAR driver but what do you want, a link to Tony Stewart pics?)

:: 20 plus photos of alliterative beauties Alessandra Ambrosio and Karolina Kurkova and some other hot models with funny names at a Victoria’s Secret store posing like you want them to makes for our web page of the day.

:: Speaking of Karolina Kurkova. Damn.

:: Ever wonder where the rock and roll devil hand sign came from? Gene Simmons explains as he talks with (we’d take the one on his right by the way).

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