Some People Not On the UB Super-User List

You can hate on him for dressing like Caesar, but no need to hate for being a super-user. He wasn't.

We’ve talked to a lot of pros/media types since we first posted that we had the UB super-user list(s) (more on that at the end of this post).

From those talks, a lot of names keep resurfacing, as people obviously want to know who was involved/offer their thoughts and opinions. With that in mind, one thing we’d like to nip in the bud is speculation on a few names that are NOT on the list. Based on the information we’ve seen, talking to our sources, and speaking with people tied to the UB investigations, the below names were not super-users.

  • Phil Hellmuth – Maybe it’s because many in the viewing public [justifiably] don’t like his tantrums/antics–but it seems like there are a lot of people who really, really want Hellmuth’s name attached to the super-user scandal. Fact is, there is absolutely no evidence at all to support that he was involved, ever knew about super-user cheating, or ever even had a clue. As one high-stakes, well-known and respected pro recently told us, “The person I feel worse for about this all is Phil. He trusted some people that were dishonest to him. I hate seeing a friend get killed so much over something he didn’t even know about.” It seems the biggest mistake Phil made was trusting Russ Hamilton and the other founders of UB.
  • Annie Duke – No data supports that she was a super-user or was involved in any transfering/receiving of moniesĀ from super-user accounts.
  • Freddy Deeb – There is plenty of data to suggest that Freddy received money transfers from cheating accounts and may have (unknowingly) fascilitated transfers from cheating accounts. But there is no data we’ve seen at this point to suggest that Freddy was a super-user. Based on information from numerous high-stakes pros, to put it delicately, Freddy was not flush with cash during the super-user scandal timeframe and many say it was simply not in his DNA to be involved with something like that.
  • Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot – Some rumors floating around with his name in it but no data to suggest he was a super-user.
  • Antonio Esfandiari – Never really rumored, but he was at one time a UB pro. So worth pointing out that again, no data suggests he was ever a super-user.
  • Layne Flack – More pros have asked us if Layne was involved than anyone else. Whereas many pros don’t think it’s in Freddy’s DNA to be a super-user, not so much the case with Layne. However, there is no data to support that Layne Flack was a super-user at this time. We know some people who are going to lose a prop bet on this one.
  • Robert Williamson III – Another name we’ve heard kicked around many times/been asked about. However, no data links RW3 as a super-user at this time.

We are near finished with our investigative portion involving the multiple lists we received. More info to come later in the week…


4 Responses

  1. ilMaKeUfAmOuS

    June 3, 2010 8:48 am, Reply

    What if the reason I can’t get a Hand History Report that I’ve been trying to get for almost a year all documented on and forums is because they destroyed there old servers? And now won’t admit to it? Point being how are we supposed to trust any proof that people didn’t/did cheat there also a ton of suspicion that UB/AP is creating their own Proof

  2. Trevor T

    June 3, 2010 11:06 am, Reply

    I think releasing the information this way degrades the validity of your information, and makes it seem like a witch hunt just to build some “hype” over your data.

    It’s not that I don’t believe you or the data you have, it’s just that this isn’t a professional way to go about sharing that information (in my opinion).

  3. Wicked Chops Entity

    June 3, 2010 1:04 pm, Reply

    Hey Trevor T, fair enough and you’re of course entitled to your opinion. But what we stated at the beginning of the post is true and the intention of putting this post out there now as we continue to validate our info is moreso to stop the witch hunt on certain individuals. We are fielding a ton of inquiries about certain individuals, and with the WSOP in full-effect, let’s get some names cleared out of fairness to those individuals. Even the Layne Flacks of the world. This way, especially if we end up needing another week or two to come forth with what we discovered (not likely but always prep for the worst case scenario), things don’t fester and people’s reps don’t get unfairly compromised.

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