Somebody Won the USPC

Somebody had to do it.

Somebody had to win the United States Poker Championship.

59_1_bOver the past 10 years, winners of the event included Daniel Negreanu, Men the Master, John Hennigan, Toto (IV) Leonidas, and Alex Jacob. Hellmuth, Juanda, and Seidel were among runner ups.

This year, we get Adam Gerber and Louis Lee.

Maybe it’s because nobody wants to go to the shithole that is Atlantic City. Or because the circuit is saturated with $10k events. Or because the world is filled with a bunch of pussies who hate the United States now. Or because Atlantic City is a shithole. But whatever the reason, the numbers are slipping from the USPC. ESPN won’t cover it. Only Poker Listings was there to report. Like Britney Spears, it’s just nowhere near as hot as it once was.

For the win, Gerber banked $606,095. Lee took home $318,160.

Get full results here.


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