Someone Other Than Barry Greenstein Wins WPT World Poker Challenge

Excitedgreenstein_2 Although he was second in chips going into the final table and the clear favorite to win his third WPT title, Barry Greenstein’s day ended fairly quickly at the World Poker Challenge.

On the fourth hand of final table play, Greenstein and (spoiler-alert) eventual winner Mike Simon both flopped trip eights, but unfortunately the kicker to this cruel joke on Barry was that Simon held an Ace, out kicking him.  Barry was crippled (figuratively, not literally) and was knocked out nine hands later. He only earned $85,370 for his sixth place finish, raising ire among poor children around the world who NEEDED this money*.

After Greenstein was eliminated, some other guys played and eventually Simon pulled out the victory.  Final table finishes payouts were: 1) Michael Simon – 1,052,890, 2) Jason Stern – 529,300, 3) Tom Schneider – 256,115, 4) Greg ‘FBT’ Mueller – 142,285 5) Jonas Norrman – 113,830.

*Unsubstantiated and untrue.


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