Son of a Brun

Img_6874_2Todd Brunson stopped by the Poker Club for a chat yesterday.  Among the questions he discussed was the night he won his first WSOP bracelet, the worst beat he’s ever taken, and the most cash he taken down in one run.

Chops (Wicked Chops Poker): Poker phrase that sounds more gross in a non-poker-setting: "I flopped the nuts" or "I took a bad beat by a back door straight."?

Todd Brunson: (4:30 PM ET ) Both of them I guess. (Laughs). I wouldn’t want to hear either one of them away from the poker world.

Jim (Boulder, CO): Todd, What is the most lucrative night you ahve had playing and the biggest loss in a single day you have had playing?

Todd Brunson: (4:00 PM ET ) My biggest win was in the Big Game playing 30/60K and I won 13.5 million. My biggest loss is probably 1 million. The Big Game session lasted 2 days.

BOB JONES( TROY): Is it tough knowing that you might never be able to escape your fathers shadow or are you inspired to be that more successful?

Todd Brunson: (4:17 PM ET ) I only think about it during interviews like this.

Andrew (West Hartford): Todd, it’s been said that you are self-taught. How did you know that this was what you were destined to do?

Todd Brunson: (4:21 PM ET ) I dont think I ever knew that, I just kinda did it. Mabye if my dad taught me I might have been more successful sooner, or maybe not successful at all. The things my dad was telling me when I was in my 20s hindered the growth of my game a lot as he was giving me advice for the real expert games when I wasn’t at that level.

Jeff: Describe the night you won your first bracelet.

Todd Brunson: (4:24 PM ET ) A year before that in the same tournament I came in with the big chip lead and finished fifth. I came into this tournament and was second in chips, but I was very confident that I could win it. When it got down to 5-handed, I got scooped three big pots in a row and I was sick that I was going to finish 5th again. I managed to scoop a big pot after an hour of playing 5 handed and it got me back in good chip position. After that I had chips to maneuver again a little bit. It was more of a relief (when I won it). Everyone always kind of assumed that I would have won a bracelet and people sometimes argued with me that I had won a bracelet previously. High expectations I guess.

Vano(SF,CA): whens the last time you heard from or about Andy Beal – has he resurfaced at all anywhere?

Todd Brunson: (4:31 PM ET ) I hear little tidbits/messages from him all the time. Always things like he wants us to play in Antartica and stuff like that.

J.B. (Rochester): What is the worst beat you have ever taken?

Todd Brunson: (4:43 PM ET ) The biggest one was against Andy Beal is when I lost a 2 million dollar pot when he had 1 out in the deck. I had AQ funny enough.


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