Sophon Sek Snagged As Sixth Gangster In Surrey Six Slaughter

Sophon Sek

The arrest of 2009 B.C. Poker Championship winner Sophon Sek as the sixth gangster in the Surrey Six slaughter was celebrated by fans of alliteration worldwide.

Sophon Sek, a regular on the Vancouver poker scene and winner of the B.C. Poker Championship this past Sunday night, was arrested today on manslaughter charges in connection with the so-called notorious “Surrey Six” slaughter. Sek is the sixth “gangster” arrested for the slayings which took place in a Surrey apartment building back in 2007.

The arrest comes just two days after Sek beat oot more than 680 players to win the B.C. Poker Championship at the River Rock Casino. Word is that his $364,364 in prize money is now being held by the casino.

In related news (to us), the B.C. Poker Championship took place this past weekend.


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