Speaking of April…

April2_1They’re down to just three players at the final table of event #2, with Allen Cunningham the big stack at the table with $1,945,000 in chips, followed by Devilfish Ulliott ($845,000) and Scott Fischman ($680,000). Just as Devifish doubled up courtesy of Cunningham when his 8-8 held up against 6-6, we received an email from a Wicked Chops reader sharing with us another connection model/actress April Scott has with poker. Well, it isn’t really related to poker directly but it involves a casino. That’s good enough right? Anyway, apparently April was a finalist in the “Palms Girl” contest held last year at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. She made it down to the final 12 out of 500 or so but identical twins Ruth and Ryan were eventually selected as the winners. From the looks of it the competition was fierce and we’re left wondering why we’re covering event #2 of the WSOP and not equally intriguing and competitive events like the “Palms Girl” contest. While we ponder this and find out the latest over at the final table, we’ll go ahead and share another pic of April. See more at AprilScott.com.

Update 1: Just as this was being published, Devilfish was knocked out in third place. We’re not sure yet by who but guessing Cunningham who now has about two thirds of all the chips they started with 2 days ago. Devilfish was our pick for this event and we’re disappointed he didn’t take the bracelet here. But congrats to him for a great start to this year’s WSOP. Also, congrats to Atlanta’s own Richard Boutwell, who started today in 7th position but went out in 9th place winning $54,075.

Update 2: ALLEN CUNNINGHAM WINS EVENT #2 AT THE 2005 WSOP. Cunningham flopped two pair and Fischman, who won this event last year, found himself with an open-ended straight draw. On the turn, Fischman connected to give himself a pair with his draw and re-raised all-in. Cunningham called and the river gave Fischman no help and Cunningham the title. Cunningham, who has done well in the WSOP circuit events this year, outlasted the second-largest field in poker history to win the $1,500 NLHE world championship bracelet and $725,405. Fischman will take home $352,125.


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