Spiderman Outs Himself to Press, Will Tobey Maguire Do the Same?

Spiderman_outs__self_1It looks like Peter Parker has done something that Toby Maguire refused to do.

As revealed last week, Spiderman has decided to show his face to the press.

Which is more than Maguire was willing to do at last year’s WSOP ME.  As we reported:

Maguire isn’t concentrating much on poker playing it appears, as he’s spending most of his time shielding his face from the cameras. As Addict overheard him telling a fellow player at his table, Maguire doesn’t mind being photographed, "…when it’s down to two or three tables, but right now is stupid."

Seriously, it just looked silly.  We’d understand if Maguire was shielding himself from, say, hand grenade-like-pumpkin-shaped explosive weapons launched in his direction by the Green Goblin. That’s one thing. Or if someone was throwing hamburgers in his general vicinity. We’d understand that too. People throw hamburgers at us all of the time. And by people we mean "girls." And by "hamburgers" we mean "panties." It’s tough. It’s really tough. Trust us.

Tobyhiding_3But Maguire’s rapid-hand-movement-hot-water-burn-baby-hissy-fit as camera lenses snapped undoubtedly affected his play. And made him look like a pampered movie star. Which is a shame. Since he’s actually a great poker player (dare we say…he has wicked poker chops?) and from all accounts is not a pampered movie star. 

So hopefully at Christmas (the WSOP) this year, which is just a few short days away, Maguire will take the lead from the character that transformed him from "almost famous" to "Holy shit that’s Tobey Maguire famous" and let the press see his face.


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