Sponsor Saturday: Sign Up for PokerVT with Activation Discount

Sign up for PokerVT today using promo code TWIP10.

Might as well turn this into Sponsor SaturdayTM.

As you know, PokerVT is a sponsor for This Week In Poker. Through that, we have a special Poker VT promo sponsor code.

PokerVT has a ton of content (focus on hold’em but expanding into PLO now as well), mostly directed at teaching you how to play small ball.

Sign up today using promo code¬†TWIP10 and get 3 months unlimited¬†access. You’ll receive no charges for 90 days and then you’ll get 25% off the activation fee.

Watch a teaser clip of PokerVT training here. Then use promo code TWIP10 and sign up for PokerVT here.


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