Sponsor Saturday: Sign Up for PokerVT with Activation Discount

Sign up for PokerVT today using promo code TWIP10.

Might as well turn this into Sponsor SaturdayTM.

As you know, PokerVT is a sponsor for This Week In Poker. Through that, we have a special Poker VT promo sponsor code.

PokerVT has a ton of content (focus on hold’em but expanding into PLO now as well), mostly directed at teaching you how to play small ball.

Sign up today using promo code TWIP10 and get 3 months unlimited access. You’ll receive no charges for 90 days and then you’ll get 25% off the activation fee.

Watch a teaser clip of PokerVT training here. Then use promo code TWIP10 and sign up for PokerVT here.


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