St. Patty’s Question of the Day

GreenbeerFor those of you not already piss drunk off green beer or knee-deep sorting out your NCAA brackets, here’s a comment posted on Wicked Chops Poker last night.  Please weigh in if you have an opinion…we will respond once we sober up and sort out our brackets.

Comment: I’d like to offer a suggestion…is the poker "fad" over?

Not the fact that hundreds of thousands of people (and the demo itself is a huge topic of discussion) play poker online or in person, and that number is growing…..just that the 21st century ‘culture’ of poker…does anyone give a shit about "pro earnings" or "pro tournaments"? It’s not like the pro tennis or pro golf tour by any stretch…..

What people care about are the 20-some-odd episodes of the WSOP…other than that, I really question what ‘relavance’ poker has at this point. I truly believe the fascination with ESPN, etc. and the over-the-top coverage with other cable networks is over.

Anyone have a different viewpoint?


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