Start of Day 2 Running Late, As Were We

Hansen_outOur plans thwarted to play in a no limit tournament at the Orleans (arrived too late, registration full), we’re back at the Rio for the start of Day 2.  Approximately 1900 players are waiting for action to start, but WSOP officials are running late as well getting things underway. 

Finally, at 12:37pm, to a round of applause, cards are dealt.  At 12:38, we have our first all in and call (table 145). The short stack survived and doubled.  Gus Hansen went out shortly after that, when his pocket 9’s were busted by pocket Jacks.  People are falling seemingly every minute, including 2003 WSOP champ Chris Moneymaker.

Some updated chip counts: Haak Waerstad is the over all leader with 169,200.  Sam Farha is second with 156,600.  Nguyen Duc is third with 150,250, followed by Lee Watkinson with 145,800.  Other notables include Ed Cardona (129,475), Pete Lawson (124,825), Carmel Petresco (111,900), Minneapolis Jim Meehan (103,775), Scott Lazar (95,825), Atlanta’s Matthew Hilger (79,025), Vinny Vinh (74,875), Robert Mizrachi (67,625), Andrew Prock (60,700), Dutch Boyd (55,550), Howard Lederer (55,550), Gavin Griffen (54,600), Patri Friedman (52,650, actually just got word he won a 15k pot and is now close to 70k), Clonie Gowen (50,475), John Juanda (46,600), Reza Payvar (34,475), Phil Ivey (28,600), and 4th Streeter Vaughn Sandman (15,650).

The "F-Bomber" Barry Paskin is at it again.  We talked to him right after play began as he did some stretches at the table while lisening to drum ‘n bass act Andy C. He told us, "I’m trying REALLY hard not to swear…and I fucking mean that."

The guy is a quote machine.

At the featured table are Paul Darden (55,100) and Layne Flack (69,775). 

For total chip counts, check out, or great live blogging from Pauly at Tao of Poker.


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