Stephen O’Dwyer Leads WSOP-C Caesars Final Table

An even 150 entered the WSOP Circuit Caesar’s Palace event. After two days, they are down to the final table.

Stephen (with a “ph”) O’Dwyer leads the remaining 10, stacked at 644,000. Other notables at the final table include Brock Parker (465,000), Andrew Lichtenberger (348,000), and Matt Stout (270,000).

First place will bank $190,137. Get a full recap here.

In completely unrelated news, above is a vid of an old man dancing at the 2009 CES. Buzz Aldrin could’ve learned a thing or two from him.*

* Buzz Aldrin remark is a reference to his disappointing showing on this season’s Dancing with the Stars.


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  1. Brian G.

    April 29, 2010 3:58 pm, Reply

    Dr. O’Dwyer,
    Time to have your head smashed in
    With my new hammer

    (10 cents to the first person to know the reference)

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