Steve Forte Is Probably Going to Jail or Worse

ForteYou can wipe that shit-ass grin off your face now Steve Forte.

Details are now coming out about his arrest, and it doesn’t look so good for the one-time casino game protection expert hired by the biggest casinos in the world.

Allegedly, Steve Forte and a group of co-conspirators set up a number of private, high stakes poker games at the Borgata to cheat other players. According to a news story today in the Press of Atlantic City, the operation worked as follows:

The scam artists used strategically placed surveillance cameras to peek at the players’ hands. The information was secretly relayed to an accomplice who wore an undetectable radio receiver in his ear. Computer programs and marked playing cards also were used by the cheaters to enhance their chances of winning.

Shit. These are private, big cash games in the AC in New Fucking Jersey we’re talking about. We watched Sopranos. Chances are Forte was either working with made men or screwing them over. Either way, jail may be the least of his problems now.

Lucky for the Borgata’s reputation, apparently the scam had nothing to do with the $5,000 buy-in poker tournament held there when the bust occurred.

“To the best of my knowledge, they weren’t targeting our tournament,” said Dave Coskey, Borgata’s vice president of marketing. “It was off the gaming floor. It wasn’t affecting our gaming at all.”

Authorities won’t say how they cracked the case, according to the article, but the investigation could venture into other cities like Las Vegas.


In related news, Atlantic City is a total shit hole.


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  1. djslybri

    July 26, 2007 7:50 pm, Reply

    You got that right about A.C. I left Philly about 6 1/2 years ago to move out west and when I went home for Memorial Day I stopped in A.C. I forget how messed up that place was. The Taj Mahal poker room has fallen apart over the last decade or so.

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