Steve Lipscomb Miiiiiiight Be A Little Left of Center

As you know, World Poker Tour CEO Steve Lipscomb has a blog on, because it wouldn’t make any sense to have one on the WPT site.

While it’s certainly his prerogative to blog about whatever he wants, most of his entries lately seem to be skewing more towards the political side.

We’re definitely not the only ones who feel the whole political system is screwed, but Lipscomb’s answers to what ails U.S. America makes you wonder if before heading up the company that produces the best poker programming on the planet, he spent a few decades wearing black turtlenecks, thin wire glasses, and sporting a goatee. On a side note, if Russia had been ruled by the girls below, then we might also consider this whole "Communist" thing.

Anyway, after beginning his latest blog (which we admit we are beginning to anticipate as much as the next Keeley Hazell topless photoshoot or episode of Meerkat Manor) by name dropping this gem, "I attended a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at a swanky, high-powered Beverly Hills home last Friday," Lipscomb proceeds to detail his revolutionary plans to change political campaigns…forever (mwah-ha-ha-haaaaa)!

In addressing the John Kerry fastboat scandal, Lippy Lip says:

In the interest of fairness, if you (or someone you authorize) knowingly disseminates false information to undermine a political opponent, I say you should be unceremoniously removed from office – and have charges pressed against you. Just the specter of such a threat might slow down the kinds of things we have seen in the past.

Another possibility would be to self regulate. There could be a panel of retired statesmen (and women) who review all potential television, radio and print advertising before it goes out (like the Motion Picture Association of America) and gives the ad a grade for veracity – that must be disclosed at the top of each spot and in each print ad.

No candidate will want to put out a message labeled “L” for lies.

Then Lipscomb again looks overseas for answers:

The Brits simply don’t allow television advertising in elections – and the experience is entirely different. The candidates actually talk about the issues and know they will be judged based on those beliefs.

Listen, we all know that more government intervention and less free speech are the two primary ideals that America was founded on*, but really, is this the answer to our faulty election process?

Bottom-line is that if the U.S. American public didn’t respond to slanderous/libelous campaign ads, then the candidates wouldn’t do them. And if the majority of the voting public wanted a more open forum to discuss real issues and answers, the candidates would do it.

But we don’t. So they don’t.

Wait a minute, isn’t Wicked Chops Poker a poker blog? How’d we go so far off topic? Damn you Lipscomb! Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn you!

Lipscomb 1, WCP 0.

* Or it could be the other way around, we get confused.

** Thanks to reader Brokeback Poker Donkfest for the link.


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