‘Story’ We Missed: Eva Longoria Is Big

EvafromspaceFile this under “this isn’t a poker story but somehow relates to poker, albeit tenuously, yet it does involve Eva Longoria, and by all standards, she’s hot” kind of story. Wicked Chops Poker came across a news bit (via dogpile.com) about Maxim magazine celebrating its 100th issue of soft core porn, sports, gear and stuff with a 75-by-110-foot desert display of Eva Longoria. The Maxim cover girl is seen bikini clad and above her it reads, “THE ONLY MAGAZINE BIG ENOUGH TO BE SEEN FROM SPACE ‚Äî AND ONLY IN VEGAS!”*

Apparently you can zoom in on this via Google Earth (as seen in the photo). For those unfamiliar with Google Earth, well, Google is now the title sponsor for the planet we inhabit; kind of like the FedEx Orange Bowl, but bigger.

And to get to the poker part, Maxim also celebrated its 100th issue with some poker “tournament” at Steve’s new hotel/casino, the Wynn.

And speaking of Maxim, be sure to check out FOWCP and our favorite Hometown Hottie Jen Graham. She’s a young actress you’ll be hearing more about, both here at Wicked Chops Poker and, if there’s any justice in the world, everywhere else.

The actual Eva Longoria Maxim photo without the satellite strain after the jump…

* Also ‘Only in Vegas’ will be a few WCPers this May 5 thru 9; more on that another time.


More of Eva Longoria in Maxim here.


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