Strip Poker With Old Naked People

NudetennisAfter years of attracting just wrinkly, old naked people with sagging mammalian protruberances and prune-like genitalia who like to play tennis, dance the samba, and chow down on the early bird in nothing but what the good Lord unfortunately gave them, Paradise Lakes Resort, a nudist retreat located in Land ‘O Lakes, Florida, is now trying to lure younger people to its resort.

Their marketing ploy: a strip poker tournament they’re promoting at the University of South Florida.

Owner Joe Lettelleir claims he’s been trying to think of ways to attract younger people and Strip Shuffleboard, Birthday-Suit Bocce Ball and Butts-Out Bingo just weren’t doing the trick. Letteleir said he got the idea for the tournament from nude newbie Kristy Lucas, a University of South Florida intern working for the resort. To promote the event, Paradise Lakes has taken out ads in the USF student paper and is passing out fliers around campus. If you come across either the ad or fliers (or pics of Kristy Lucas), please share and we’ll post them here.

In other strip poker news:

Strippokercal:: It’s still illegal for 40-something-year-old soccer coaches to supply alcohol and play strip poker with a group of 18-year-old girls.

:: For the 40-year-old girls’ soccer coaches out there with a penchant for strip poker, you can get your perv on over at, where they’re selling loads of strip poker merch, including Carmen Electra’s Strip Poker DVD, a Strip Poker Calendar and the Red Shoe Diaries – Strip Poker DVD. Concerning the latter, “cdubb24″ thinks you should buy the DVD, as well as hear sex stories about his friends Neil and Iris, which we’ll file away in the “Too Much Information” folder. Here’s what “cdubb24″ had to say:

I popped this in my player and did not move until every last credit rolled by. My friends Neil & Iris huge red shoe diary fans agree. This one is a real winner. A must have for you collectors. Iris Is a true lover of red underwear maybe why she loves the red shoe diaries. One scene that is commonly reenacted in the Frank house is Iris cooks a meal and sits and the glass kitchen tabke with Neil. Neil wears nothing but his red underwear, and Iris wears a tight fitting black shirt with nice white panties. If this doesn’t make you want to watch I don’t know what will. PAY THE MONSTER

Uh, time to pull out the new Stuff with the spread of poker playin’, actress, model, beauty Joanna Krupa to erase the images in my head. Below is just a glimpse of what you’ll find over at Stuff’s website.


:: Finally, speaking of unpleasant images (Neil in his red underpants, not Joanna Krupa), Irish bookmaker Paddy Power recently reported that over 50% of all poker players have played the game naked or in their underwear.

Ok, back to the Krupa spread.


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  1. Karl smith

    January 27, 2006 3:05 pm, Reply

    This is the hottest blog… hmmm
    Hope more of these blogs will come up but also hope there will be no popups or popunders cause I really do hate those things.
    Well done,

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