Stuck in the Middle: Advice from Gordon

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The Stone Mountain native usually backs up his articles with good stats, and I found this article particularly relevant, as I’ve encountered a similar scenario (being caught in the middle of raisers & callers as short stack with a good speculative hand) a couple of times in our recent Wicked Chops Poker games.  Enjoy.


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  1. Colin B

    April 5, 2005 1:48 pm, Reply

    Very nice. I’d like comments on the following hand:
    Player A is on the button with 485 in chips. Player B is on the big blind with 585. Player C has 820 under the gun. The blinds are 15-30 in the last level of rebuys.
    Player A raises preflop from the button three times the big blind with Ad Kc. Player B calls from the big blind with Ks 10c. Player C calls from under the gun (already in for the big blind) with 7s 7c.
    Flop is 10s 7d 5d. Player B checks, Player C bets three times the big blind. Player A raises all-in (a raise of 205) with two over cards. Player B raises all-in (reraise of 100 over Player A) with top pair. Player C calls with a set.

  2. Bob Murphy

    April 6, 2005 10:37 am, Reply

    Don’t sweat it Kelly, you’re so bad your kid will probably win it back from you in no time! LOL
    “Will the real Bob Murphy please stand up?”

  3. the addict

    April 6, 2005 10:56 am, Reply

    hey col b. this hand seems familar. player A obviously thought player C was bluffing and that’s why they pushed it all in. player B figured they had best band so they go all in over A and C had to call because of the set. what happens after that is when the game is about luck.

  4. Colin B

    April 6, 2005 11:44 am, Reply

    Player A’s best hope is that B and C have a low ace. If either B or C have paired, then A has only a roughly one in four chance of winning.
    As it was, C had something like a 93% chance of winning after the flop.

  5. Bob Murphy

    April 6, 2005 12:14 pm, Reply

    No doubt, sometime throughout reading that scenario, Kelly said to himself “I would have doubled down”
    “Will the real Bob Murphy please stand up?”

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