Stump, Dannenmann Out

Stumpout_1Wicked Chops Poker Sweat of the Day, Stump, has busted out of the 2006 WSOP. At the beginning of this last level, Stump told us that he had quit listening to music, took off the sunglasses and was all business as he needed to double up before the night came to an end. The double up did come when his pocket tens held against pocket nines, bringing him to around 6,500. Not long after though he looked down at pocket Jacks and raised 3x the big blind to 900, with a flat call from the big stack. The flop came 3-4-5 and the big stack bet out 1200, which Stump raised all-in. The big stack called with A-K, and spiked a 2 on the turn to complete the wheel and send Stump packing. Stump seemed pretty upbeat about the whole WSOP experience, his very first live tournament, and he said he’s anxious to come back for next year’s main event. You can expect Stump to blog about it all over at The Chronicles of Stump.

Also out is FOWCP Steve Dannenmann, last year’s main event runner up. Steve played almost every hand with the ESPN crew sticking a boom mic in his face and cameras looking on. No doubt it was annoying and no doubt he probably found it easier last year to make his way through the field as a virtual unknown. After he busted, Steve said it’s still all about having fun, but as we said yesterday, getting eliminated sucks, hurts and blows and so Steve, the hookers and midgets are on us.



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