Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame Welcomes Jace Moore to Its Hallowed Gallows

JacemooreOn the heels of welcoming Steve McCewan, Cindy Streets, and Ryan Bisson, the Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame has just elected its latest member, giving an open-arm embrace to Jace.

Jace Moore (at right), 22, proved to be quite the ass when he confronted alleged Donkey Dustin Danner about paying up on some owed poker monies. When Dustin didn’t check in with the funds, Jace grabbed a steak knife and carved up poor Dustin’s butt, stabbing him four times.

Moore left the scene with $276 cash and an iPod. Apparently, iPod’s are to poker players what Air Jordans were to gangbangers.

Jace remains on the loose, and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. Beware. He’s armed with a steak knife and he’s not afraid to use it. So if you owe Jace Moore poker money, you best watch your ass.


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