Sure Beats Delivering Pizzas

Chops here.

Whatever poor soul bought my old, red, egg-shaped Honda Civic must’ve loved Pizza Hut.

3cheesestuffedcrust_2Because that’s what my car reeked of: pizza.  Yep, for awhile at least, that’s how I got that little bit of extra spending money for my college experience.

But that was some dozen years ago, pre-Internet for most.  Now, a site called Absolute Poker is offering to pay a college scholarship worth a semester’s tuition to the winner of their online tournament.

As a staunch advocate of poker legalization, even I have some hesitation concerning the morality of this one.  Let’s face it, if these kids aren’t old enough to play poker at a casino, it’s hard to justify them playing poker online for a scholarship whether or not any of their "real" money is involved.  But as a publicity stunt for the folks at Absolute Poker, it has definitely served its purpose. 

If any of you Wicked Chops Poker readers have thoughts on this one, please Comment below…


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  1. snake

    May 23, 2005 3:22 pm, Reply

    I, as co-publisher of this site, have to respectfully disagree with Chops morality concern here. For one, I think college age kids should be allowed in casinos in the first place…i side with those who say if you’re old enough to join the military and die for our country you should be old enough to drink and gamble…i also think that if we are to advocate the legalization of poker we need to keep it separate from the casino games of chance and always position poker as primarily a game of skill ..that doesn’t face the same “morality” questions as does other forms of gambling…I mean sure luck is involved…its involved with a lot of things..when I play golf it is skill that gets my club back and swing through…and its luck if the ball goes straight rather than slices. anyway, more soon.

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