Surinder Sunar Sits Atop the Leaderboard at EPT London

Not SurinderSurinder Sunar, our favorite Punjabi poker player who sometimes looks like a pirate, is the current chipleader on day 3 of the European Poker Tour event in London. The enigmatic card tosser is stacked at 470,000 with the nearest competitor, Anthony Lellouche, a Frenchie, with 350,000 in chips (ah, the irony that a Frenchman is second behind a guy named Surinder).

A bunch of foreign players with foreign names remain in the field with our favorite in the group being Phidias Georgiu, ’cause it just may be our first European entry into the Davidson Matthew club.

After being at or near the top of the chip count for the past two days, Chris Moneymaker is back to being Chris Moneymaker as he currently sits in the lower half of the field. He did recently take out one of the two remaining women, Katja Svendsen. That is unless Florian Abrahams isn’t a woman. Can hardly tell with these foreign names. But sounds girly to us so we’re going with it.

Stay track of the action here.

UPDATE: Moneymaker doubled up and is now in 6th with 21 players left and according to Florian Abrahams has changed her name to Florian Langmann.


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  1. johnnie walker

    September 28, 2007 1:35 pm, Reply

    And to add irony on top of irony.. Florian Langman, if that really is his/her name, busted Moneymaker in 17th place…

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