Surprise! Absolute Poker Screwed PR Firm Out of $43,000

SerindaswanThe New York Times, which is like the of everyday news, except not as respectable (in the reporters with nice boobs department), did a story today on a PR firm that’s reportedly owed $43,000 by Absolute Poker for services rendered in connection with a college tuition promotion that ran a few years ago (not to be confused with the “Intern for AP, Get Herpes” campaign.

The firm, Publicity Guaranteed, charges for each article it successfully pitches and after Absolute failed to pay in full, it took the online poker site to court. It also recently sent out a statement to about 100 newspapers, detailing Absolute’s failure to pay.

Commenting on the public shaming, Nat Kurok of Publicity Guaranteed said, “We’re just saying we’re someone else that got shortchanged by Absolute Poker, and this should be public knowledge.”

According to the article, an Absolute Poker executive named Paul Leggett promised he would call back with a comment but did not.

Check out the NY Times piece here.

In news just as shocking as the above, Paris Hilton once again looked like a stupid ho for Halloween.

Photo above of Absolute Poker spokesmodel Serinda Swan because we couldn’t find a photo of Absolute Poker spokesman Paul Leggett posing provocatively in lingerie.


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