Surprise! Brandi Hawbaker May Have a Sex Tape

Forums Brandi Hawbaker giving blowjob in video?

Like all great women of the 21st century — Paris, Keeley, Kim, Pamela, to name a few — Brandi Hawbaker may be the star of a sex tape.

GSykes posted a link over at 2p2 this morning to a RedTube.con video labeled “Lickin’ the Lollipop” showing a short-hair brunette girl who looks a lot like Brandi Hawbaker giving some dude wearing socks a Keeley Hazell, only a bit slower and less jerky.

The video starts off saying “Dedicated to: Brandon,” which appears to be a reference to Brandi’s ex-boyfriend Brandon “pimprexel”. Pimprexel himself posted a link to the RedTube video over at NWP here.

If you don’t know already (and like you don’t know already), RedTube is a free porn site so if you’re going to check out the link (NSFW), be warned. It’s porn. And free. In case you missed it, here’s the link (NSFW). Right here (NSFW). Totally free.

Did we mention it’s porn?

Anyway, judge for yourself if it’s Brandi or not. It does look a lot like her. Although we would have expected something a lot freakier than the junior high-ish, keep-your-clothes-on kind of suck job in the video. Sort of neutralizes the whole “getting even hotter” quotient of her possibly having a sex tape.

Thanks to our favorite pale, freckly, Nickelback lovin’ Canadian ginger from Vancouver who we assume doesn’t want to be named for the tip. Love you.

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