Sweat Update: Becker At Ease Early On

Tracybecker2_3Our Sweat of the Day, Tracy Becker, is easing into her WSOP debut and looks at ease. She’s in the five seat, smiling and chatting with the other players at her table, but she’s focused on doing well and early on scooped a 2,000 pot. Tracy said poker pro John Henningan was supposed to be in the 4 seat next to her, but he swapped out last minute. “I consider that my first win of the day,” she said about not having to square off early on with the experienced pro.

Tracy has a notepad in front of her to keep track of her play during the day, and her card protector is a special edition Fossilman chip with FARGO printed on it. FARGO is the Foxwoods Annual Rec.Gambling Outing (and not a reference to that cold as a boat full of bitches in the Baltic city they made a movie about). Tracy, who is friend of Greg “Fossilman” Raymer and hails from Wallingford, CT (which is just an hour and a half from Foxwoods and 1614.6 miles from Fargo, ND), cashed in the 2005 FARGO MET Event and was just short of the money in this year’s ATLARGE NLHE event. Tracy also played in the Foxwoods Poker Classic Ladies Event this spring and cashed in 18th place out of 307 entries.

After checking in on the action across the Day 1D room, we stopped back at Tracy’s table to see she had about 11k in front of her. Snake reminded her it will be a long day and to have some patience early on, to which Tracy responded, “I have a two year old so I know a lot about patience.”

The first level is almost over and blinds will go from 25-50 to 50-100.


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  1. snake

    July 31, 2006 3:02 pm, Reply

    damn. I should have read her bio again this morning before things got underway. For some reason I had Fargo in my head. I made correction and added some more info on tracy’s background above.

  2. Susan Cartier Liebel

    July 31, 2006 4:16 pm, Reply

    Tracy is awesome! Watch out everyone. You won’t know what hit you folks!
    You go, girl.
    Mother of Maximus

  3. Susan

    August 2, 2006 1:07 pm, Reply

    In case you are reading this…..Maximus and the whole crowd is rooting you on.!!!
    Keep that chip count increasing.
    Susan, Dennis & Maximus

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