Sweats Stepping Up

Our two Sweats today are running strong.

After a brutal run of early cards, John "Fuel 55" Veltheer saw K-K and Q-Q on consecutive hands, building his stack from around 3k back up to 5k. Shortly thereafter, he smooth calls a short-stacked early position raiser (EPR). Flop comes up Qh-3c-Qs. Check, check. Turn is a Jh. EPR bets out 750, John raises to 2,500, and EPR calls. River is a 7h. EPR checks and John moves all-in. EPR reluctantly calls, flipping over K-Qo. John shows Ac-Qc and effectively doubles up, putting him right back around 10k. He’ll need the chips, as Patrik Antonius was just moved to his table.

And despite a brutally tough first day table consisting of Annie Duke, Brent Carter, and a Euro pro, Jeff Sealey has built his stack to around 22k. Along with some strong position plays, he also trapped an opponent when when his pocket Aces flopped a set, check-raising the opponent to take down a 2.5k pot.

In unrelated news, the "Early Alert System" at the Rio is going off. Brad Garrett said, "That means someone needs to change Doyle’s IV." More on Garrett shortly.

But hopefully we won’t to vacate the Rio. Fucking Hezbollah.

UPDATE: The alarm was accidental. Fucking Hezbollah.


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