Swedish Olympian Sara Boberg One Ups the Germans with Candid Nudes – UPDATE

Swedish archery team member Sara Boberg nude photos are solid gold Swedish archery team member Sara Boberg nude photos are solid gold

Swedish crossbow-er Sara Boberg looking relaxed before and after a competition.

While the German girls go pro by posing nude for Playboy, super cute Swedish arrow slinger Sara Boberg has remained true to the amateur spirit of the Olympics by posing naked for her boyfriend and having the photos posted for free all over the Internet for mass global consumption. It’s the kind of selfless act and love of sport that makes us tear up and would make for a great Visa commercial, Morgan Freeman voice over and all.

Since we’re a family-minded site, we’re not gonna post the photos but you can see them in all of their amateurish, dirty hot glory here. They’re NSFW of course, and fantastic!

After the jump, a SFW shot of Boberg in a bikini . . .

PS – An Alicia Sacramone sex tape has to be next. Has to be. The girl loves doing fun stuff on video.

UPDATE: The smarty over at WithLeather.com points out that Boberg isn’t on the Swedish Olympic archery team. We point out, once again, that facts are things that just get in the way of telling a good story, or in this case, sharing hot naked photos of a  21 year old Swedish girl.



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