T.J. Cloutier Selling WSOP Bracelet on eBay?

T.J. Cloutier contemplated what's the right price to start bidding on his 2005 WSOP bracelet...

Usually we’re skeptical about things like this, but hell, if someone was selling Jamie Gold‘s urinal cake on eBay, then maybe this is legit too.

Apparently, T.J. Cloutier‘s 2005 WSOP bracelet is up for grabs on eBay right now (read about that victory here). Starting bid is $2,999, and we’d be surprised if it fetched that much. You can probably buy one of Layne Flack‘s bracelets for a handjob in the back alley of Caesar’s right now. Bracelets aren’t hard to come by these days.

Anyway, before you start bidding on this because you think you stand no chance of ever winning your own bracelet, remember this guy, this guy, and this guy have all won bracelets before, so you’re probably better off ponying up $1,000 in one of the donkaments and rolling the dice that way.

Bid on the (probably) Cloutier bracelet here.

* Thanks to reader Lone Rhino for the tip.


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  1. lol

    September 24, 2010 12:31 am, Reply

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