Table Breaks, Dinner Breaks, Player Busts

Tables are breaking rapidly as players are dropping like flies or by the wayside or some other metaphor that signifies runners are being dropped and sent to the rail at a rapid pace.

Once players got to the money, an all-in orgy took place. Chips were having sex and doing it in the middle of the table like it was Woodstock 1969 or the Wicked Chops office Friday nights around 11:45 P.M. (couples, knock twice, and say "polio" at the door to get in (wink)).

By dinner break, around 760 remained. Now, just a little after an hour since play picked up again, approximately 640 remain. The two Day 2 chip leaders are still around the top of the heap. Dmitri Nobles is stacked around 595k and Jon Lane is around 495k. Other notable big stacks include Humberto Brenes – 370k, David Chiu (who is playing very well) – 340k, Allen Cunningham – 320k, Ted Forrest – 205k, and Joe Hachem – 165k.


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