Beth Shak on Millionaire Matchmaker

Fresh off a divorce that apparently left her with at least a million dollars, poker pro/milf Beth Shak appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker last night. There has been some talk around the so-called “Internet” about Shak…

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Divorced mom's are 99.99% more likely to be sexually active than married moms. It's a scientific fact.

Beth Shak Makes Sexy Time Photos

News of the World is kind of like Great Britain’s version of┬áThe New York Times. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that they would do a feature on Beth Shak and take pics of…

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Beth Shak seems to be enjoying life post-divorce.

Beth Shak Dating Kid Rock?

FOX411 is reporting that Beth Shak may be dating Kid Rock. Actually, it sounds like they’re just reporting they hung out, played a little grab ass, and maybe have talked on the phone. If that’s…

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