Christine Pietsch, a woman (not pictured) came thisclose to winning a bracelet in Event #21.

2010 WSOP Update: Tex Barch Wins a Bracelet

A lot of action around the Rio yesterday. A woman almost won a bracelet in a non-woman’s only event, and (fortunately) a man will not be winning one in a woman’s only event. Here’s the…

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Hot foreign girl at the 2009 WSOP

This Girl Deserves Her Own Post

As much as we dig pretty Southern girls like Brittany Bowman from Arkansas, we equally like exotic, nameless girls from who knows where. Like the one above playing in today’s $1,500 NLH event. We’re guessing…

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Hi Chops

Too Bad She’s Not Asian

We’re quickly becoming big fans of Brittany Bowman. She’s quickly catapulting herself into potential Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame first-ballot inductee terrority (voting in two weeks). Yeah her skin is perfect. And her…

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