You'd think a bunch of dudes who just became millionaires could at least crack a freaking smile.

Good, Bad or Meh for Poker?

The 2009 WSOP Main Event has played down to the November NineTM, which means it’s time for our second annual (sort of) Good for PokerTM, Bad for PokerTM, Meh for PokerTM list. First things first, had Phil…

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Darvin Moon, a ginger, is helping make this one of the least interesting potential final tables ever.

Worst Final Table Ever if Ivey Busts?

Wow.  On break with 15 remaining, this is shaping up to the worst final table in WSOP Main Event history. Even worse than the turdbomb that was 2007.  Phil Ivey is now among the short-stacks,…

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